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New Podcast Setup Questions

Please answer the following questions so we can provide you with more information to match your specific requirements.
  • Enter the name for your podcast, all names you are considering if not decided, or enter "no" if you have no ideas for a name.
  • Enter the names of at least three competitive podcasts, or podcasts that are similar in their area of interest to what you plan to talk about.
  • Podcast listeners usually expect at least one episode per week, but some podcasts publish three, and others five per week.
  • Will you be the only host, will there be two of you (Co-Hosts), or will there be three or more?
  • Post Production includes complete audio editing, episode cover art creation, RSS Post creation, human transcription, show notes blog post creation, and social media posts.
    Please select yes if you expect to interview quests in any of your episodes, even if it will not be in every episode.
  • Please enter the amount of money you have allocated to launch your podcast for equipment and services (do not include the cost of your time).
  • Please make the choice that most closely represents your comfort level with technology.
  • We recommend you do not just use your computer (alone) to record podcasts.
  • With 10 being the highest Audio Quality, and 1 being the lowest, please choose the quality level that matches your expectations.
  • Please enter the target date on which you would ideally like your first episode to be available to download? We recommend a date at least one month in advance.