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The fast & fun path to get off your butt and build your business

a ‘massive audience’ platform in 30 days or less.

Launch Your Power Podcast Fast


The podcast launch class is self-paced, so you can go through at your own speed or in as little as 30 minutes a day for 30 days.

Podcast Start Point Launch Accelerator Program

Exactly what we do. How we do it. Done-With-You.

Why haven’t you gotten off your a** and grown your market reach by Podcasting – one of the most underutilized marketing methods poised to explode with 10x growth in 2016?

Podcasting takes too much time.

How much time would you free up if you stopped writing blog posts, prepping for videos or attending so many meet-ups?

Learn how to replace all that marketing effort with as little as 4 hours per month by podcasting.

Podcasting costs too much money.

While nothing is free, podcasting is one of the lowest cost, highest conversion ways to build a marketing platform and massive audience organically.

Find tools that get you started with an investment as low as $97.

Podcasting is too technically complicated.

If you can plug stuff into a USB port, get on Skype, browse the internet and click on links, then you have all the tech skills you need to start a podcast.

Develop techniques to take out the tech for the technophobic.

People only want to listen to celebrities.

Yes, people listen to podcasts to be entertained but they also listen to build skills and gain knowledge. If you have something to say or something to teach then it is highly likely there’s an audience for you.

Discover the right way to reach your perfect audience and raise your expertise factor.

Podcasting is not a high value conversion marketing method.

57 million Americans across all age demographics listen to podcasts every month. When you use a podcast to multi-cast content across all your other marketing methods, like social media, blogs and email campaigns, you create consistent touchpoint opportunities with an engaged and targeted audience.

Establish all the right methods to multi-cast your message and increase the effectiveness and conversion of your campaigns without being pushy.

Are you ready to…

Experience the FUN way to generate consistent content while wearing your pjs

 Pour marketing FUEL on your website increasing Google ranking without agonizing over SEO-optimization

 Organically grow a massive audience FAST and you don’t even have to email or advertise on social media

 Pack marketing power even on a small budget plus FIT it into your time-constrained schedule

 Create ways to touchpoint FREQUENTLY with your audience without pushy in-your-face sales tactics

 FOCUS your following to amp up your know, like and trust expertise factor without a lot of tech or tools

 Get paid to generate content and FUND your own marketing efforts by building in the power to monetize your podcast

What’s in the Podcast Start Point Launch Accelerator Program…

30 days of tactical launch tasks

 30 minute pre-recorded lessons

Tutorial reference videos

Exercises and interactive skill building

Strategies to fit any budget, goal, tech skill level or time constraint

Access to our recommended equipment lists, applications, plug-ins and services

PLUS access to LIVE Q/A coaching sessions each month

Total Program Investment: $297 USD

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Other Tools You Will Need:

  • Computer
  • Microphone ($60), Stand ($10), Pop Filter ($5)
  • Headphones or Earbuds (NO microphone)
  • WordPress Web Site Blog
  • RSS Server (don’t worry about this now)


Hi, we’re Tom & Tracy Hazzard, co-hosts of the Forbes-featured fast growth WTFFF?! 3D Printing Podcast airing five times per week on iTunes & Stitcher. We’ve amassed over 300 episodes, 45,000 listens per month and monetized our podcast with a high-level sponsor and a 33% conversion rate in one year of launch. We applied the launch process we’ve proven developing over 250 consumer products generating almost $1 Billion for our retail clients. We know the market power of podcasting and want to share it with you to make podcasting easy and accessible for your business to launch a podcast that not only grows your business but makes it easier to generate content for all your marketing needs.


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